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about ME

I grew up in an extremely healthy household and was quite shocked to find the lack of knowledge and importance that individuals and families place on their health. One step at a time I am working to educate and teach people/families how to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Through gaining knowledge and an understanding of how to fuel your body correctly, healthy eating becomes a way of life, and normal.  Nothing about health and exercise has to be difficult, in fact it's quite simple, yet, extremely essential to living a healthy fulfilled life.  

As a young mum myself i understand life can be busy and overwhelming. I work to provide quick and easy recipes that are family friendly and nutritionally sound. 


The importance and impact food choices have on individuals is widely underestimated, and can often impact or effect people in ways they don’t even realise.

Depression, anxiety, weight gain, skin issues, sleeping and energy issues can all be helped once fuelling your body with the correct foods. If you are struggling with any of these, or just looking to get fit, feel better and more enegerqzed and are ready to change up your diet, then i would love to help you.

Ellie knows and lives health. Many people throughout the health industry are unable to practice what they preach. Ellie is one of the rare practitioners who is able to combine her knowledge with the values and discipline to live it. The best teachers teach from experience and this is Ellie’s gift.
— Charlie Goldsmith, The Healer.








My tailored meal guides/consultations will help you meet your goals and dietary needs through simple and easy meals. This is NOT a calorie restricted diet. It is designed to be a way of life, including pantry and shopping suggestions, recipes and education, that will keep you healthy and functioning at your best. 

Individuals, Children, Families/Pregnancy available. 



I will write you a tailored workout guide to meet your goals and your body's capabilities. You'll be taught how to complete the work outs, safely and correctly so you are capable of doing it alone. Whether it be for working out at home, gym or outside you will improve your overall fitness and health. 

New mums, Individuals and Children/Family available. 

Appointments are either via phone or Skype.  




I went from not being physically fit or eating well, to being able to conquer a 12 day hike and feeling a lot better about my fitness and health as a whole. I’d definitely recommend Ellie to anyone looking for a combination of fitness and health advice.
— Matt Duncombe


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rates and appointments




Your first appointment is 1 hour followed by 2 x 45 minute consultations over the next 2 weeks. This will cover, symptoms, issues, dietary requirements, concerns, questions and education. 

  • Education Booklet
  • Nutritional Guide/Recipes (incl. grocery list)


combined nutrition and Fitness 

1st consult - 1.5 hours

  • Exercise session - this is a once off so i can teach you how to correctly do each exercise. 
  • Nutrition -This will cover, symptoms, issues, dietary requirements, concerns, questions and education. 

1 x 20 minute follow up consults per week for 2 weeks.

  •  Education Booklet
  • Nutritional Guide/Recipies 
  • Exercise Plan
  • Ongoing care if required




  • Includes a weekly food schedule
  • Grocery List
  • Education for both parents and children
  • Healthy lunchbox snacks
  • Dinners and meals that are family friendly. 



Follow up appointments

30 minute phone conversation

I aim to provide enough information and support that you won't  require a follow up appointment.

These are often used a few months down the track to re-evaluate your plans in order to continue growing and smooth out any ongoing issues. 



Please only request an appointment if you are motivated and ready to change.